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Private Label CBD Products: The ABC's of CBD Product Lines

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Private Label CBD Products: Our bulk processing facility supports CBD Private Labeling for brands looking to formulate their own CBD product line in New York and throughout the U.S. Get in touch with a comprehensive CBD manufacturing facility with the right certifications to meet industry regulatory standards.

Introduction to CBD Private Labeling

What is Private Label? Private label manufacturing allows businesses to create a custom formulated cannabinoid product at scale. You have the ability to design a product alongside our team from the ground up or introduce CBD into an existing product. We offer solutions for product formulation, production, labeling, packaging, and fulfillment to ensure that your vision is reflected at every step of the process. Our private label design and production capabilities offer a one-stop-shop for brands to differentiate their business with a unique product offering.

We are often asked what is the difference between White label vs Private Label? White label products are manufactured to meet popular demands in the market. We have processes here that help to keep MOQs low while quality remains high. This is a great avenue to scale your business or introduce a new product into your catalog. Private label strays away from these formulations to accommodate businesses with finalized formulas or those looking to create a new product offering. Bringing a private formulation to the market could be an investment that is crucial for the growth when discussing Private label products for small business. Many Private Label Manufacturers will demand high MOQs which can be a deterrent to small business owners looking to enter a new product on the market.

Private Label CBD Ingredients

Quality in - Quality out. We develop formulas with the end consumer in mind, focused on mixing ingredients that are safe and effective. Each one of our vendors go through a strict vetting process to ensure they comply with stringent quality & safety requirements. For example, our extraction partner Beak & Skiff - Research is cGMP compliant and certified through SCS global. Their full-spectrum CBD distillate is extracted from New York State hemp and serves as a key functional ingredient for a wide array of product types. Beyond cannabinoids, our network of verified vendors gives us the ability to source efficacious ingredients like cucurman, piprine, arnica, hemp seed oil, botanical terpenes, and more.

One of our brand partners masterfully blends cucurman, piprine, and CBD in this tincture to provide the user a curated feeling of focused relief. Another partner uses a combination of CBD and CBN to facilitate a better sleep experience for their customers. We understand that custom formulations of quality ingredients must be tailored to meet market needs. Our product development team will work with you directly to ensure your vision is reflected in every aspect of our private label design and production process.

CBD Private Label Products

Private Label CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures are a staple of any CBD product offering. Oftentimes consumers are looking for specialized tinctures that provide a specific benefit. For example, CBN is a cannabinoid that may assist in restfulness. This may be an ingredient that is attractive to a private label retailer. Tinctures are taken sublingually, meaning a dose is administered under the tongue. This allows for effective activation that can become more efficacious with continued usage.

Private Label CBD Beverages

Infusing beverages with cannabinoids is becoming increasingly popular amongst brands and consumers alike. Non carbonated CBD beverages such as private label CBD water are a popular option and can be easily formulated and filled. Food and beverage concentration regulations vary state by state. In New York State the regulation allows for 25mg of CBD per unit.

Private Label CBD Topicals

Topicals are applied directly to the skin. These include private label CBD massage oil and private label CBD salve. The primary function is to provide the user with relief. These products can be applied directly to areas of the body that are irritated or sore. Consistency, ingredients, and mg concentration of CBD are all factors that a brand should consider when placing a private label CBD product into the marketplace.

Private Label CBD Skin Care

Skin Care is all about the ingredients. What we put on our skin is important and marketing those ingredients successfully can determine brand success. The first step is formulation. There is a demand for wholesale private label skin care in the market as brands are looking for unique selling propositions from their formulation. CBD Cosmetics can be a large value add to any line of existing products. They are becoming increasingly common in the marketplace. They are used for a variety of benefits. CBD Face Serum is one of the most popular. Anti-Aging face serum and hydrating face serum can both utilize CBD to provide benefits to the consumer.

Private Label Beard Oil

Personal care for men is an exploding industry today. The ability to bring a men’s personal care product to the market is important. What is even more important is getting the formulations right. We work alongside your team to help your vision for a private label beard oil or private label beard wash become a working reality. Men’s personal care is expected to continue to grow through 2022 and then explode in the coming years. The time to get into the market with a disruptive men’s personal care product is here. CBD men’s personal care products are an attractive option for anyone who has irritation from shaving.

Private Label Vape Pens

Vape pens are a great way to consume CBD when looking for rapid efficacy. Many golfers use vape pens to get the effect they are looking for immediately before they step up to the tee. It is also an easy way to take CBD on the go. Private label vape pens are formulated for flavor, efficacy, and consistency. We ensure product functionality through high quality assurance standards. Vape pens are extremely popular across multiple CBD brands and have become a very common way to ingest CBD. Private label vape pens can incorporate different varieties of distillate to curate different effects for the user. Ultimately, this allows a brand to create the desired effect and market around it.

Private Label CBD Pet Products

Pets benefit from cannabinoids as well. CBD can help pets stay calm. This is very useful for a long car ride, an overactive barker, or to help with any fears a pet may have. Private Label CBD Pet Products can include, pet cbd oil, pet cbd chews, cbd pet snacks, and more.

CBD Private Label Pricing

Pricing is provided on a case by case basis depending on the scope of formulation, and manufacturing needs for any specific product. Please contact us through our website or via phone for a custom quote.

CBD Private Label Custom Manufacturing Company


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