Quality First

Our dedication to quality starts at the seed and ends in your customer's hands.

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Quality Throughout the Supplychain

Direct From the Farm

We partner with farmers in New York and track each plant throughout the process. This allows brands to ensure full transparency and use our brand assets to connect their consumers with the source.  


Meet the Farmers

Showcase the farmer as your own

Meg Southerland

Gardenworks Farm 

Salem, New York



Extraction Partners

We work with fully compliant and quality-focused extractors such as Beak & Skiff to source the purest concentrates to serve as a base in all of our formulations. Any extraction partners are fully vetted through our vendor qualification process and we keep all 3rd party certifications on file.


Contamination is frequently caused by packaging.

We subject each vendor to a strict audit and vetting process and only work directly with manufacturers who have deep experience. 

supply chain management

Raw ingredients 



Point-of-sale displays

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Our Compliance & Quality Program

Regulatory Compliance

We know that the constantly changing regulations on the federal and state levels can be frustrating when developing a brand. That's why we have partnered with sister-company Castetter Cannabis Group, a leader in regulatory analysis, to work with our clients to understand the risks and compliance needed to prepare products for sale in any state and export globally. The team at CCG will work with you to ensure labels, packaging, and marketing are in line with any state regulations and not violating FDA guidance. 

Learn more:

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Quality Assurance

Our facility is FDA registered as a Dietary Supplement Manufacturer and 3rd party audited for compliance with Good Manufacturing Proccesses (GMPs) to Part 111 of Code of Federal Regulations.


Our team is also trained and certified in the quality management system, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). Each product requires a seperate HACCP plan designed to prevent any contamination from identified biological, chemical, and physical hazards.

  • FDA Registered Facility

  • GMP Compliant 

  • HACCP Certified 

  • USDA Organic Certified 

Third Party Testing 

Our clients receive a complimentary full-panel test result with each production batch that is easy to read and corresponds with our heat applied batch stamp on every unit. 

Pesticides & Heavy metals

We ensure strict organic practices in the field while testing all plant material and each batch of product for pesticides and heavy metals.  

Microbes & mycotoxins

Microbial activity from mold and bacteria can be harmful and lead to adverse reactions. We double check our strict cleaning and cross contamination protocols by testing each lot.  

CBD molecule


In order to ensure accurate dosing and maximum efficacy, each batch is tested for all cannabinoids to showcase a full profile, critical for proving compliance.  

Residual Solvents

Residual solvents can end up products when the non-compliant extraction facilities rush to finish a job. Our extraction partners put quality first and that's ensured by testing on every batch.